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New York - 6-25-09

An esteemed Broadway producer phoned me at home and said to me what no magician expects to hear except from a friend who is playing a cruel joke.

"In twenty-five years of seeing and producing shows, I have never seen a more entertaining magic show Ð and neither has my wife. I'd like to bring Escape Reality to New York in 2010."

Wow! This genius of a producer asked me to bring our show to New York. I started making plans to book a show in our theater to replace us at Magicopolis while we're in New York, checking accommodations back east, and so on...

Three weeks after I had told everybody who meant anything to me that our show was going to New York, I received another call and was informed that because of some financial setback, the producer would be unable to mount our show in 2010. A few days after I stopped saying "Shit!" and convincing my wife that I wasn't really disappointed because I had known it was too good to be true, I started feeling grateful for our continued success here in Santa Monica.

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